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These are some Android apps that I've written. These apps came about because there was not an app like it available on Market, or I wanted to improve on what already existed. I am continuously working to improve these apps, and I always read users' comments and suggestions and try to implement them if I can. These are all available on Android Market.

Please note, however, that I don't regularly update this page. The most up-to-date versions can be found on Android Market. Hover over the above link for the QR code!

Better Battery Alarm download
Category: Applications:Productivity
Description: Battery level alarm

(Previously known as Vibe When Full.) Phone will vibrate or sound an alarm when the battery reaches the designated percentage level. Can be used to alert full or low battery.
  • Set custom vibration pattern.
  • Enable/disable notification icon.
  • Auto load on boot (option).
Wireless Killer
Category: Applications:Tools
Description: Set your WiFi and Bluetooth radios to "always off"
Force your WiFi setting to stay in the "off" position!

This app prevents accidental (or even intentional) enabling of WiFi. Keep your WiFi and Bluetooth radios turned off! This app prevents accidental (or even intentional) enabling of WiFi and Bluetooth (separate options). If you turn on your WiFi and/or Bluetooth radio, this app automatically turns it off before you have a chance to connect to a potentially malicous network.

*Requires Android >2.1
WiFi Killer
Category: Applications:Tools
Description: Set your WiFi radio to "always off"
Keep your WiFi turned off!

This app prevents accidental (or even intentional) enabling of WiFi. If you turn on your WiFi radio, this app automatically turns it off before you have a chance to connect to a potentially malicous network.

*Works with Android >1.5
Ob (Pregnancy) Wheel download
Category: Applications:Health
Description: Calculate the dates of pregnancy by:
  • Last menstrual period (LMP)
  • Estimated date of conception
  • Curent gestational age (WGA)
  • WGA obtained by Ultrasound
  • Estimated due date (EDC)

Patient Tracker - now with sort function!
New date selection method (visual calendar)
Complete help page available in-app
Instantaneous calculation; no flipping through dialogues.
Also displays End of first trimester and End of second trimester
Tap the "TODAY" button to change thu current date (ie - calculate for any given date)!
Bishop Score
Category: Applications:Health
Description: Bishop Score calculator
Calculate the likelihood of labor and need for induction. Also displays rate of Cesarean section, if induction fails.
BeatDroid download
Category: Applications:Tools
Description: A simple and light-weight BPM (beats per minute) detector. Just tap out the beats on the screen and it will display the average BPM. Long-touch to reset.

This can be useful for both Musicians and Medical professionals. Who says art and science don't mix?
Optional pointless display of frequency (Hertz) and wavelength.
Fluids and Electrolytes download
Category: Applications:Health
Description: Medical calculator to get appropriate rate and electrolyte components of IV fluid to be given to a dehydrated patient. Also displays standard maintenance fluid infusion rate.
(Knowing Current Intake obviously requires "strict in/out" over the past 24 hours.)
Level-Headed download
Category: Applications:Multimedia
Description: Protect your hearing!
This app detects when headset is plugged in, and automatically turns down the volume for all sounds. Restores original volume level when headset is unplugged.
Widget - Purchase the Widget Enabler (in Market) to activate the widget functionality, with which you can manually toggle the low-volume mode.
Load on Boot (optional)
Task bar icon changes on plug in/out

Tested only on MyTouch & hardware headset. Let me know if others work.
Vibe O'Clock
Category: Applications:Tools
Description: Vibrating Clock Tell time by touch. Phone will vibrate the time. Useful for discreetly checking the time (for example, during an important but boring meeting). Vibration intensity and timing is adjustable.
  • Home screen Widget for instant access.
  • Vibe Alarm (vibrate at set interval)

Try out the FREE version to see how it works.
Summing Cells download
(This was my first Android, app. It is the same basic code as TkCells)
Category: Games:Brain&Puzzle
Description: Place the current numbered tile in an open spot. If the singles digit of the surrounding squares' sum is equal to the current tile, all adjacent tiles are removed.

  • Customizable tile colors
  • Display lock to keep screen on while playing
  • Save High Scores
  • Auto save/load game
  • Drag & Drop
  • Shuffle stack
  • Undo
  • Detailed game instructions inside
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