Torques: Extended

So, continuing from my previous examination, I made further calculations regarding the system of torques in equilibrium.
torque diagram
This diagram is essentially the same as the one before, just more measurements and labels. The blue text labels show the known variables. The red are unknown. The green are intermediate variables that will help in finding the other unknowns. The last two equations confirm the previous findings. A value of zero for x removes x Sin[θ] as a factor, which causes the d Cos[θ] to cancel out, leaving m2 = m1. This means that, if x is zero, the only way for equilibrium to be maintained (ie - not to break the laws of physics) is for both weights to be equal, which gives n = n, where n is some positive number. If the two weights are not equal, the only way for the system to maintain its equilibrium (in a x = 0 situation) is or for Cos[θ] to equal zero , which gives θ, the angle of inclination, as 90°, corresponding to a vertical orientation of the bar/rod.
2010-03-04 21:08
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