Perl Scripts

Here are some Perl scripts I have written for my websites. Send me any comments or suggestions!
(Out of date; last update was some time in 2004)

Miscellaneous scripts:
jevcard - convert a jpilot-exported vCard file into a format that Evolution can read.
norobotlog - parses Apache log files and filters out IP addresses which request "robots.txt", commonly associated with web crawlers/spiders. This script is also available at Perl Monks.

Scripts for Quartertone:
getnews.cgi - Parses the news text file into html layout. Also extracts recent news for the front page. News text file has the following format: News items delimited by empty line; first line of delimited text is date/title; following lines comprise the body of the news item.

Scripts for TheEventide:
linkparse.cgi - text-to-HTML translator
edit.cgi - file-editing script

Scripts for JTMU:
comics.cgi - show comic strips
opinions.cgi - opinions menu & display (contains SHIFT_JIS encoded characters)
phrase.cgi - random one-liner
translate.cgi - nav menu & title display (contains SHIFT_JIS encoded characters)
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