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Client: The Eventide - a punk?/metal? band based in Connecticut, USA
Project dates: Nov.2001 - Apr.2002
System & Server: RedHat Linux 7.1 with Apache 1.3.23
I was given great freedom by the server's owner to do pretty much as I pleased. I installed the most recent (at that time) version of Apache, and upgraded to Perl5. I also secured the server through IDS and good ol' firewalls.
(Please note: The above information is now out of date (as of October 9, 2002), because the server has changed hands. I believe it is now a Debian installation... ...?)

Macromedia Freehand 10
BBEdit 5 & 6
Crimson Editor (Windows)

This is actually the second website I created for the band. I wrote their previous website just as I had discovered Macromedia Flash, which is why that was an all-flash website. Now that I look back (at it), I think it may have been a little much. (information about that site is coming...)

Technologies used:
XSSI = EXtended Server-Side Includes
Extensively used throughout the site. Actually, the entire website depends on the XSSI capabilities of the server. . The way I called each page was through the QUERY_STRING environment variable. Some of the pages display an inline frame (<IFRAME>) in the middle section. That is actually a page of SSI being called by SSI being called by SSI being called by SSI (yes, four levels).

Perl (cgi scripts)
This is another "little thing" that makes a great deal of difference. Unfortunately, that great difference is not so visible to the end-user/client for whom I wrote the scripts. There is currently one Perl script that provides some of the content, and another that eases the updating process. I wrote the site update script first, so that my client wouldn't have to keep asking me to update their site every time they have a show or have something new to say.
The other script is a file-parsing script that goes with one of the editable files from the previous script. At their request, I restructured the "links" page to be editable, in case they want to add new links (haven't seen any so far...).

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets
I used these for the layout and coloring of the tables, and the coloring of the hyperlinks (different color/bgcolor for link/hover/active/visited)

Flash (from Macromedia)
Just the title images here... Could have gone .gif with these...

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