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Do you like to take pictures? We're looking for new images to use for the little corner image at the top right. You don't need to have had previous experience with photography; just an adventurous mind and a "good eye". The images that appear in this corner box are related to the main menu categories (Postbac Life, Academics, Med School, On Campus, Off Campus) for which they appear. So Med School currently has the image of white coats and stethoscopes, Off Campus has a view of New York City. If the image you submit fit into any of the categories, we'll use it! Even if the image doesn't match a category, we may still use it on the "Home" pages, where the images are randomly selected from a pool of images.

Here are the category-associated images:

[Category image] [Category image] [Category image] [Category image] [Category image]

[Category image] [Category image] [Category image]

[Category image] [Category image] [Category image]

[Category image] [Category image] [Category image] [Category image] [Category image]

Since the images are longer in the horizontal direction, the subject of your picture should be horizontal, if possible. The aspect ratio of the final cropped image will be at least 2:1, so the important part of the image should span the width of the picture. Other than that, just use your imagination, be creative, and have fun!

(Note: Please send un-cropped, full-sized images.)

Send your submission to with Subject:PMA Website Photo. If we use your photo on the website, we'll give you credit (of course) and put your name on the website!
2007-03-06 19:14
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